Unisex - Afterglow T-shirt (Navy or brown)


This design was inspired by that afterglow feeling you get, after a mellow summer surf session or whilst watching the sun sink at the end of a beach day. Each one is hand printed using traditional screen printing techniques and will age like a vintage tee.

  • Unisex: XS / Brown
  • Unisex: Small / Brown
  • Unisex: Small / Navy
  • Unisex: Med / Brown
  • Unisex: Med / Navy
  • Unisex: Large / Brown
  • Unisex: Large / Navy
  • Unisex: XL/ Navy
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  • Unisex: XL/ Brown
  • Unisex: XXL/ Navy
  • Unisex: XXL/ Brown
  • Unisex: XS / Navy