Your Maker

That's me (Ben) below, at Fistral on a mid week, impromptu, splash & dash session. I didn't have time to invite any mates but I still got rumbled! My phone rang and it was my friend Pablo, asking if I was parked under the webcam. He said smile and sent me this screenshot!

The guy below is my mate Dave. 

He's also my overflow printer when I'm too busy. He's a man with a passion for all things vintage, so when he can't be found at the helm of his old-school, carousel screen printing press; no doubt he'll be restoring one of his 1950's or 60's motor cycles or walking up and down his wooden longboard.

As a true artisan, Dave just can't bring himself to buy a modern automated press, he prefers to craft his wares with maximum soul, mixing inks by eye and getting hands-on with his squeegee. He has a borderline unnatural relationship with that press!