Eco & Ethical

New 100% certified organic cotton, t-shirt blanks.

As of 2019, we proudly committed to using 100% certified organic cotton t-shirt blanks, printed with water based inks, doing things the most ethical way possible. It's no coincidence that they're also the best quality t-shirts that we can source today. I want to be wearing the best quality tees but also sleep soundly, in the knowledge that I'm part of the solution, not the problem! I hope you feel the same way.



Reasons why we choose Earth Positive, climate neutral t-shirt blanks;


Solar Powered

Last summer we took the leap and installed solar panels, so any electricity hungry production processes, such as heat curing inks, can be timed to coincide with a spot of sunshine. We've become casual meteorological geeks, checking weather apps for incoming sunny spells.

Solar power makes perfect sense to us, everyone wins. We get reduced energy bills and feed green electricity back into the National Grid, offsetting our carbon footprint and lessening the impact on the environment. Our customers get a product that comes from a more environmentally responsible source, with a kind soul.