Origin Story

Why did I start Kernowfornia?

I was trying to track down authentic, independent Cornish sufing labels with classic designs that had a stylish, vintage vibe but struggled to find anything that felt 'real'.

The next thing I know, I'm on crutches and surfing isn't an option for a while. As a way to stay close to surfing, I started sketching, designing and teaching myself how to screen print. I made a tee for my 4 year old son, who rocked up at his pre-school wearing the 'Sunspot' design below. His teacher gibbered and said "I NEED one of those!" So there you have it, my 4 year old son sold the first tee and Kernowfornia was up and running. 

We might be a Minnow amongst big corporate brands but we're the real-deal. When you buy from us you're buying from the source and supporting a small, independent, Cornish business. So thank you me ansums!